About Our Virtual Reality Store

Welcome to VRWoke!

Founders Levi and Haley here.

We created VRWoke with the vision of a virtual reality store that provides the ability for everyone to get an experience completely out of this world.


Our Story

Our story of how we arrived at this vision for a new age virtual reality store all began with Haley buying me a headset for my birthday. I had little knowledge about virtual reality gear going into my first time using the VR set. I knew that they were these new devices which could have potential in a variety of applications, but never thought much about them for myself. All of this changed after I downloaded a few tours on the app, put on the VR headset, and entered into a new world.


I immediately became immersed in this revolutionary, awe-inspiring, virtual reality. From that day on, my outlook on life, the world, technology, the future, everything had been reinvigorated. It opened my eyes to an entirely new dimension of possibilities —  it got me woke!


For those not familiar with the term woke, this entails being awakened to an entirely new awareness and outlook on your situation, environment, or even the world at large. It’s the idea of coming to the realization of something that you never before even contemplated — something that virtual reality most certainly can do for many as it opens your mind up to so much more of the world.


We loved the experience from our VR set so much that we wanted to get more! One thing we discovered, though, upon searching for online virtual reality shops was that all of the virtual reality gear from reputable VR brands was only sold by their respective virtual reality business. Being still a new concept, these VR companies could set their own prices due to their limited accessibility. So to get the virtual reality gear we wanted, we had to buy it for top dollar from the manufacturer.


This is when we saw a hole that needed to be filled. There was no go-to virtual reality store or augmented reality store in existence that offered these well-known, reliable virtual and augmented reality products at affordable prices. After all, shouldn’t everyone be able to experience the wonders of these new realities that so desires?


This is exactly why VRWoke was formed — to give everyone the opportunity to experience the amazing, mind-opening experiences that virtual reality and augmented reality alike have to offer.


Our virtual reality store is a third-party vendor bringing you the best virtual reality equipment and AR products from the hottest brands in the technology realm — but at a range of prices that can fit everyone’s budget.


These incredible devices changed our perspective of the world, and that’s exactly what we want for each and every one of our customers at VRWoke. Virtual reality connects people to the world, each other, and themselves on an entirely new level. It also opens an entirely new window of opportunity for creativity as you can capture your life and relive your favorite moments all over again in an incredible new manner. We wish to use VRWoke as a platform to spread these positive experiences to others who otherwise may not have ever given it a try.


Are you ready to Get Woke?

Find the virtual reality gear that’s best for you and get started experiencing your new reality.


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