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Which Type Of VR Headset Is Best

While deciding whether or not you should buy VR headsets shouldn’t even be a question to you anymore, as there are bountiful reasons why you should buy VR in 2019, here at VRWoke, we know it can be difficult to determine where to even begin. For starters, what we’re here to tell you in this…

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Best Augmented Reality Games Of 2019

  Augmented reality games are quickly becoming one of the front-runners of the gaming industry. The capabilities of AR devices and the number of games available for them today range wide and far compared to the initial days of this new form of technology. AR games allow you to fly spaceships, fight zombies, capture fantastical…

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A Guide To Choosing The Best VR Headset

If you rewind back to the nineties and read about “virtual reality,” the term could probably refer to anything from a Lawnmower Man type simulation system to a bunch of 3D Tetris-like shapes on a computer screen. Luckily, today the term has a much more clear meaning as the technology has become simplified and made…

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Myths About Virtual Reality Debunked: Part 2

Continuing from part one of our blog series on the myths surrounding the world of virtual reality gear, here at VRWoke, we are putting to rest many of the falsely held beliefs surrounding virtual reality, its current capabilities, and how it will be used in the future.   Myth #5: Virtual Reality Headsets Will Isolate…

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Myths About Virtual Reality Debunked: Part 1

The industries of augmented and virtual reality are, without a doubt, exciting places to be right now. While the technology has been around for roughly 50 years now in some respects, it has not been until the past few years that it has been fully utilized and skyrocketed into the rapidly growing industry that it…

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Virtual vs. Augmented Reality in Detail

One of the most popular questions we have heard at our virtual reality store has by far been concerning the differences between augmented and virtual reality, what can you use each for, and which is going to be the future?   To quickly answer the latter of these questions, augmented reality and virtual reality alike…

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Best Mobile VR Games of 2018

best mobile vr games

VRWoke’s Top VR Games of 2018 Welcome to our blog! We hope you’re ready to Get Woke with all of the latest and greatest developments in the worlds of augmented and virtual reality. After playing our fair share of VR games on a variety of different virtual reality headsets, to kick off our series of…

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