Best Augmented Reality Games Of 2019

Best of 2019


Augmented reality games are quickly becoming one of the front-runners of the gaming industry. The capabilities of AR devices and the number of games available for them today range wide and far compared to the initial days of this new form of technology. AR games allow you to fly spaceships, fight zombies, capture fantastical creatures, defend kingdoms, and countless other possibilities in the real world.


If you’re new to the world of augmented reality, in our previous blog, we outlined augmented reality in detail and how it differs from virtual reality. One of the biggest differences is that all of these incredible new games and possibilities are accessible to you without having to spend nearly as much as what is consistent with most virtual reality gear today — especially when you order your AR devices from VRWoke. To get access to the exciting new world of augmented reality, you’ll just need an AR-enabled smartphone and an augmented reality headset for a truly immersive experience.


If you’ve already picked up an AR device for the best augmented reality gaming experience, the following are our picks for the best augmented reality games for you to dive into in 2019 to truly get the most out of your AR gear.


Best Mobile AR Games Of 2019


Adventure Augmented Reality Games

Geolocation games / Adventure AR games are the most exciting genre in the world of augmented reality games. They use the real world maps and locations as the gaming environment, augmenting them with unique plots, incredibly detailed animations, and amazing quests. Using a GPS-enabled smartphone, the player moves around the surrounding neighborhood completing different tasks. This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the modified reality that AR provides.


Pokemon Go

If you haven’t heard of this AR game, you might be living under a rock. This legendary project by Niantic brought augmented reality games to the attention of the entire world. The nostalgia of players enabled Pokemon GO to hold several Guinness records and gain incredible revenue. Pokémon GO places the battlefield onto the real surroundings by superimposing virtual animate objects into the user’s environment. Millions or maybe even billions of Pokemon have been caught in the years following its first introduction in 2016 — and the fun still continues.

The role Pokemon Go plays in terms of making the technology of augmented reality known to millions of people around the world is hard to overstate.


Ingress Prime

Another hit by Niantic studio, Ingress makes our list due to its classic plot that has been captivating AR gamers for years. In this augmented reality game, scientists have discovered a  dark energy that can influence the way we think. There are two factions — The Enlightened, who want to use this energy to control humanity, and the Resistance, who aim to protect mankind from the dark energy. You choose your preferred faction, then seek out and capture the energy sources, which are located around your city. Wandering through the streets and cities, this AR game will immerse you into a futuristic world with tons of cryptic clues, hidden codes, and changing objectives. The game is global, so you can track other players or communicate with friends during gameplay via the Intelligence map.


Shooter Augmented Reality Games

These types of games take the classic first-person shooter approach from console gaming and add an augmented reality twist, where your enemy is in your own personal surroundings. Instead of entering into another world, creatures from other worlds are brought to you! For the best augmented reality gaming experience, pair any of these games with an AR gun to get truly immersed into the action.


Zombies Everywhere

This first-person shooter game is arguably among the best uses of AR technology for gaming today. It brings a true zombie apocalypse experience into the real world, making it feel more real than ever. As a player, you walk through your home, school, parking lot — anywhere you so choose with zombies popping up at any given second. Then the action starts, and you fight and kill your way through mobs of undead creatures with your weapons of choice.


AR Invaders

Another AR game with impeccable integration that is a previous winner of the International Mobile Gaming Award, AR Invaders brings the classic alien invasion game theme into the 21st century with an augmented reality update. In this game, you have joined Earth’s Resistance Forces to hold back the alien ships that are attacking cities, forests, beaches, and deserts — wherever you are, they are coming. This game gets even more intense when you add an AR gun into the mix.


Sports AR Games

As a sports fan in the real world, you’ll definitely enjoy the possibility to take your passion for competition to the world of Augmented Reality. With sports games made for AR devices, you’re able to play basketball, racing, and everything in between from right in your home or backyard.


NBA’s AR Basketball

Last year, many professional sporting associations made the leap into VR, but the most successful venture by far has to be the NBA’s augmented reality app.

NBA AR Basketball has two interesting augmented reality components. The first is a simple game that uses your device’s camera to display a basketball hoop on any walls or buildings, so you can play from anywhere! Take shots at the virtual hoop by simply sliding your finger on the screen. You can also share scores with friends and take photos and videos in the app.

The other aspect of this AR app allows you to designate an “AR Portal” and then walk through it into immersive 3D videos from some of the biggest moments in NBA games from throughout the year.


CSR Racing 2

This augmented reality fame displays some of the world’s most beautiful cars in exquisite detail. Oh yeah, and you race them at top speeds. This is a drag racing game which is relatively simple to play, but the beauty of viewing the cars in your real-world surroundings is one of the most captivating aspects of the game. The developers painstakingly put a lot of detail into the car designs in order to make the cars appear as realistic as possible.

Cars are able to be ‘projected’ into the real world using phones running Android 7.0 and iOS. This is an awesome feature for the car buffs out there, allowing them to project their favorite game cars into the real world, thus creating the stimulating thrill of having one of these high-performance vehicles right in your driveway.


We hope that this list helps you know where to get started as you go about discovering the endless possibilities of AR devices. Find all of the best augmented reality gear to bring your gaming experience to the next level in our online virtual reality store at VRWoke.