Best Mobile VR Games of 2018

best mobile vr games

VRWoke’s Top VR Games of 2018

Welcome to our blog! We hope you’re ready to Get Woke with all of the latest and greatest developments in the worlds of augmented and virtual reality.

After playing our fair share of VR games on a variety of different virtual reality headsets, to kick off our series of posts, we thought we would touch on some of our favorite mobile VR games to be released in 2018 to help give you inspiration for new ways to enjoy your virtual reality headset.

After all, while we take pride in providing some of the best virtual reality gear at affordable prices, we know that virtual reality headsets are only as good as the experiences they offer. Luckily, 2018 has been an incredible year for new virtual reality games that provide you with a multitude of new entertainment possibilities to experience.

Another great thing about the advancements in virtual reality that have come about in 2018 is that you don’t have to own the high-tech, absurdly expensive virtual reality gear to get a taste of the experience. In fact, if you have an iPhone or Android device, you can pick up a myriad of virtual reality games right now in the App Store or Google Play Store.

The following is a comprehensive list of what we believe at our virtual reality store, VRWoke, to be the best of the best in terms of mobile VR games of 2018. There’s sure to be something for every sort of virtual reality gamer out there.


Best Mobile VR Game Overall: GermBuster

GermBuster has quickly become one of the most popular mobile VR games because of its simplistic, easy to use gameplay, remarkably beautiful graphics, and elements of fun for virtual reality users of all ages. The game consists of an arcade-like, first-person shooter where players use a bubble gun to eradicate a multitude of menacing germs.

This game becomes an entirely new level of fun when you add in the Shinecon AR Bluetooth Gun Controller. This gamepad uses the built-in gravity sensors in your mobile device to transform your phone into a high definition rifle scope, so you can really feel apart of the germ-busting action.


Best Mobile VR Game For Thrills: VR Roller Coaster

Our list of the best VR games would not be complete without giving props to at least one roller coaster game, and the best one we’ve seen by far is still the classic — VR Roller Coaster. This mobile VR game gives you an ultra-wide view of impeccable and exhilarating roller coasters in a variety of beautiful settings — all from the comfort of your home. The game does an impeccable job at giving users the feeling that they are truly on the ride, embracing every turn and loop. The graphics are as realistic as they get with today’s technology for the most believable experience around. If you’re new to virtual reality, this is a great game to get your feet wet with and get an adrenaline rush out of your initial experiences.


Best Mobile VR Game For First-Person Shooting: Zombie Shooter VR

One of the biggest uses for virtual reality gear is to bring first-person video games to a new level of intensity, and the Zombie Shooter VR game does just that. Enter into a post-apocalyptic world full of ravenous zombies in dark, ominous environments that will howl at you as you unleash arsenal upon them using your preferred weapon of choice.

The Zombie Shooter mobile VR game uses look-to-soot technology that makes the game both incredibly user-friendly as well as immersive. It offers a full 360 degrees of exploration and is compatible with most all virtual reality gear available today. Be forewarned, this game does take an extensive amount of concentration and alertness to quickly react to surprisingly sneaky zombies, so be prepared!


Best Mobile VR Space Game: End Space VR

Buckle up and be prepared for a wild ride! The End Space VR game is the best space battle game in our opinion with amazing 1080p HD ambient atmospheres and intense gameplay. Pilot a futuristic spacecraft and get thrown deep into space with laser blasters for blastic swarms of enemy fighters.

The amount of depth to the graphics in End Space VR might be some of the best we’ve ever seen. It rivals, in many ways, the revolutionary level of map graphics of when Halo was first introduced onto the scene. You can focus in on the vast depth of space filled with asteroids, planets, and a rush of lasers and missiles whirling by. The sound effects are also top-notch.


Best Mobile VR Game For Racing: VR XRacer

VR XRacer is the quintessential space racer for virtual reality lovers that’s both incredibly easy and fun to play. As you put on your virtual reality gear, you’ll be dropped into a hovercraft where you zip past a myriad of geometric pillars and other obstacles at high speeds. Simply tilt your head to the left or right to move your hovercraft side to side as you bob and weave through the increasingly difficult obstacles.


Best Mobile VR Game For Arrow-Flinging Fitness: Holopoint

While there are certainly copious amounts of archery VR games out there today, our favorite at VRWoke by far as been Holopoint. This mobile VR game is true archery madness, putting your bow and arrow skills to the test in somewhat of a classic wave shooter game, but with much more thrill. You can move around, dodge enemy projectiles, slay ninjas and swordsmen, and really hype yourself up in this pure archery game.

The Shinecon AR Bow Joystick controller used in conjunction with the Holopoint mobile VR game makes for the best archery game experience imaginable. With waves of new enemies around every turn, you can even get a workout from slinging so many arrows at your virtual opponents.

From all our team at VRWoke, your affordable online virtual reality store, we hope that our picks for the best mobile VR games of 2018 give you some inspiration for your next gaming purchase, so you can continue to explore new worlds via virtual reality and Get Woke!



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