Myths About Virtual Reality Debunked: Part 2


Continuing from part one of our blog series on the myths surrounding the world of virtual reality gear, here at VRWoke, we are putting to rest many of the falsely held beliefs surrounding virtual reality, its current capabilities, and how it will be used in the future.


Myth #5: Virtual Reality Headsets Will Isolate People

One opinion held by a select few that is slowly making its way across the internet is the idea that virtual reality devices will lead to people becoming more isolated from the real world. Similar to many other forms of technology today, virtual reality gear does offer a form of entertainment that can be deemed isolating, similar to playing games on smartphones, watching YouTube videos, or scrolling through social media channels. When using a VR headset, there is also no denying that you are immersing yourself in an alternate reality, but this does not mean that the nature of VR gear is to isolate oneself. Just like other interactive games, people can engage with each other just like they do in their everyday lives, but they can do so from an exciting new virtual reality environment.


Consider the hit augmented reality game, Pokemon Go. While this is not virtual reality, it is a single-player game that involves immersing yourself into an alternate form of reality. This widely popular app quickly became a group activity for friends, family, and even businesses to participate in and has successfully brought people together from around their communities that possibly never would have interacted with one another if not for this AR game.


Virtual reality has this same capability to bring people together — as any experience worth having is even better when shared with others.

Myth #6: Virtual Reality Devices Are Only For The Gamers and Tech-Savvy

Here at VRWoke, this is the most disturbing myth of them all to us. That is because we know that virtual reality is for everyone! Do you like exploring new places? Do you enjoy engaging plots? Do you appreciate training that is more hands-on rather than reading an instruction manual? Heck, do you like having fun? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then virtual reality gear will benefit you.


It has become a very common misconception that virtual reality headsets and other VR devices are complicated to use and require extensive technical knowledge in order to operate correctly. To use most VR equipment and software, there are simple, easy-to-follow instructions provided that are less complicated than setting up a new printer or computer monitor.


It does require the ability to perform simple computer or smartphone tasks, such as checking your email or navigating a web page, but if you can handle that, then there’s nothing to worry about!


Myth #7 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Are The Same

As time goes on, we have been relieved to see that this is becoming less and less of a commonly believed myth, but for those of you that aren’t currently aware, AR (augmented reality) is not fully immersive. This is the main factor that differentiates these two technologies from one another. For more information on the difference between AR and VR devices, see our blog on virtual reality versus augmented reality.


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