Why VR? Why Now?

Reasons To Embrace Virtual Reality Gear In 2019

Virtual reality is far from being a new concept, dating its origination back to the 80’s with poor attempts by the likes of Nintendo, Sega, and others, but it's finally showing real promise for the future of the entertainment industry and a whole lot more.

Here at VRWoke, we want to show you a few reasons why NOW is the time to start embracing virtual reality, as it’s become clear that virtual reality gear is going to continue to play a major role in the future of technology in a multitude of manners. Keep reading to learn more, and check out our virtual reality store to find affordable virtual reality gear to join the VR movement and Get Woke.

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1. VR Is Finally Fully Delivering

Virtual reality has had lots of hype around it for the past decade, but now it's finally living up to the hype. Many of the pioneers of this industry will be quick to tell you that the concept of virtual reality was incredibly exciting, but it was just that at the time — a concept that was far from being fully functional or user-friendly. These insufficiencies are a thing of the past, though, as today's VR setups are immersive, comfortable, and loaded with remarkable features. There's no comparing the VR headsets of today to those from even five years ago, as today’s technology has finally caught up to all of the potential uses for virtual reality.

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2. Increased Quantity And Quality Of Games

While many hardcore gamers have been on the VR scene for some time now, virtual reality gear now offers incredible experiences for the novice gamer — even those who never really got into console gaming previously. The library of high-quality games is constantly growing, and advancements in room-scale motion and controllers mean they’re more fun and all-encompassing than ever before. One area in particular of VR gaming that has taken off is mobile VR games. These involve pairing your smartphone with a mobile VR headset. With countless games of all types and incredible advancements in their graphics and functionality, today’s VR games are something everyone will love.

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3. It's Not A Toy, It's A Medium

Besides gaming, virtual reality now offers an exciting medium for all content, forever changing how we experience the digital world. When it comes to entertainment, whether it's social media, movies, or shows, with VR, you're not just watching videos, you're inside them. To better visualize what that looks like, think about the 360-degree videos making their way around the web that you never get to fully experience by simply looking at them on your phone from a distance. Virtual reality is also making its way to be socially integrated, where you can communicate and interact with others that are using their virtual reality gear.

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4. VR Is Solving Complex Modern Problems

On top of all this, virtual reality deserves your support because it's actively solving real-world problems. Because of its immersive nature, VR has proven to be an incredible asset for education — providing a new way to learn or train yourself in a variety of skills from right in your home. Instead of simply reading a manual or textbook on how to do something, you can get hands-on training, experiencing everything you would in the real world in a virtual environment. It’s already being implemented in classrooms nationwide to give children in a classroom a way to experience history and culture from around the world.

VR gear is also pushing forward into several other aspects of healthcare. It’s shown that it is uniquely suited to provide safe and accessible exposure therapy, a technique that's been proven to help patients keep situational fears and anxiety at bay. It's also being investigated for its applications in fitness, as a surgical training tool, and even in pain management.

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5. VR Is More Affordable Than Ever

The best thing about virtual reality today is that despite the advancements in virtual reality gear capabilities. it's more affordable than ever before. As more and more VR stores are coming to fruition, the prices are also dropping on these virtual reality devices, making it possible for everyone to experience these VR decides for themselves. Gone are the days where purchasing a VR headset or other virtual reality gear involved buying directly from the manufacturer or the big box retailers at hefty prices. Thanks to third-party companies like VRWoke, virtual reality and augmented reality alike are now becoming accessible to everyone on any budget. With so many possibilities in an affordable package, virtual reality gear is certainly worth the investment today.

Put VR On Your Radar

While the initial hype around virtual reality may have come prematurely, as the technology was not ready for the mass media attention it quickly collected, there’s never been a better time to experience virtual reality than today. It's finally safe to say that virtual reality gear should not be written off as a science fiction trope, a mere recreational gadget, or a sector of technology that's far off into the future.

Virtual reality is now living up to its potential, and it will continue to do so as more and more companies get involved in finding new ways to incorporate this incredible technology into our daily lives.

So what are you waiting for? Order the latest and greatest virtual reality gear from VRWoke now to join in on the fun and start experiencing new worlds like never before!